BSA BANTAM D7 D10 D14 C15 B40 SPEEDOMETER CABLE 1963-71 19-9069, DF9110/00


This is a brand new, quality speedometer cable for the following models:

BSA: D7 Bantam 1963-66
D10 Bantam 1966-68
D14 Bantam 1968-71
C15 Sports Star 1963
C15 Sports 1963
C15 SS80 1964
B40 1963-65

Part # 19-9069, DF9110/00

The total outer length is 59″

The cable was made by a manufacturer with a certificate from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Worldwide federation of national standards that deals with consistent rules or guidelines of technical specifications.


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Weight 12 oz